Terms of Service: By making your reservation with Arizona Private Chauffeur Service, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

RESERVATIONS: Credit card information will be required when you make your reservation. Upon receipt of your reservation request, subject to availability, we will email your confirmation. Reservations are not valid, unless you have a written confirmation from Arizona Private Chauffeur Service. Only our office staff has the right to make and confirm reservations. Our drivers do not make reservations and verbal confirmations will be void. We recommend that you make your reservation at least 48 hours prior to the actual pick-up time. However, last minute reservations are possible depending on vehicle availability. To avoid misunderstanding, please check your confirmation carefully. If you find any mistakes in the confirmation notice, please contact us immediately. Our drivers will be routed by the information on the confirmation notice, such as pick up address and pick up times.

CANCELLATIONS: Arizona Private Chauffeur Service requires a cancellation by phone (480) 757-1030 at least 24 hours prior to service for scheduled pickups. Any cancellation not made within the required time by phone will be charged the full rate of the scheduled trip. Hourly charters reservations require 72 prior notice of cancellation. The only exception is for unexpected flight changes made after boarding.

CHANGES: Arizona Private Chauffeur Service requires that if you have a change of pickup time we are notified at least 12 hours in advance in order to accommodate the change.

NO-SHOWS: A no-show charge equal to the full rate of the scheduled trip, including any wait time, may be charged if a client fails to be at the scheduled pick-up location within 15 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time. To avoid no-show charges, please be sure to notify us of any changes and/or cancellations. If a passenger does not see our driver at the predetermined time and location, it is the responsibility of the passenger to contact our office at (480) 757-1030 immediately. Failure to call if contact is not made will result in a charge at the same rate as if the trip had taken place, plus any waiting time.

WAIT TIME: Arizona Private Chauffeur Service grants a 15 minute grace period after the scheduled pick-up time. After the grace period has expired, wait time will be charged in 15-minute increments from the originally scheduled pick-up time, at the rate of $15.00 per each 15 minutes of waiting time. There are NO wait time charge for unexpected delayed flights at airport pickups which are posted by the airline after boarding.

STOPS: If you are using Arizona Private Chauffeur Service for an hourly rate, there are NO charges for additional stops and NO additional mileage charges. In cases of out of town trips, any additional charges will be quoted in advance. Point to point and airport transfers incur a fee of $10 per stop, not including additional wait times.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: We are not responsible for articles lost, stolen, damaged, or left in our vehicles. You expressly waive any and all notice from Arizona Private Chauffeur Service regarding any lost, stolen, damaged or belongings left in our vehicles, or the disposal of same. Please check for your belongings before leaving the vehicle.

CLEANING FEES: Arizona Private Chauffeur Service has the right to charge cleaning fees not limited to and including excessive wear and tear, damage of interior, vomit and/or breakage of glassware. Arizona Private Chauffeur Service will charge you (as the client) or (as the passenger) the cost of cleaning or repairing the vehicle as a result of you or your authorized party for damage or getting sick in the vehicle. In the event that someone gets sick in one of the vehicles, or there is alcohol spillage, Arizona Private Chauffeur Service has the right to charge a one time fee of $500.00 for cleaning. You also agree and acknowledge to pay all the related fees and charges to get the vehicle back to its normal working condition. See “damages” below. Including but not limited to: Burned seats, torn seats, miss

SMOKING: Arizona Private Chauffeur Service requires all rented vehicles to remain smoke free at all times. Failure to comply will result in a $350.00 cleaning fine.

ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: Alcohol consumption is permitted in the limousines for those over the age of 21. We will terminate the ride if anyone under the age of 21 is caught consuming alcohol without any refund. Arizona Private Chauffeur Service has the right to keep the divider down at all times with passengers riding under the age of 18.

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